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Soil Fittings
Pressure Fittings
Sewer Fittings
Rain Water Fittings
Pipe Fittings
Upgrade Fittings


Meetex Australia is the exclusive distributor of SNOW products in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Island Countries

Our "Snow" Brand uPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with Singapore, British, Australian as well as Japanese standards, and used for the following systems:



Soil, Waste & Vent Systems
Pressure Fittings
Sewer Systems
Rain Water Down-Pipe Systems
Singapore HDB Upgrading Systems
Telecom Network Systems
Drainage Systems

All products are tested and approved by authorities
in Singapore:

PSB (Productivity Standards Board)
SETSCO (SETSCO Service Pte Ltd
MOE (Ministry of The Environment)
PUB (Public Utilities Board)
HDB (Housing & Development Board)
TAS (Telecommunication Authority of Singapore)


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